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The quality of MOTOMURA Manufacture has been supported by “technological capabilities”, “creativity”, and “craftsmanship”. Since our founding, they have been fostered by attention to detail which has been handed down to us for years and unconventional ideas and developed a relationship of trust as “MADE BY MOTOMURA”.

RUSTFREE Unbreakable Avoiding collapses Others cannot imitate

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Now we gained wide reputation and the word spread all over Japan as, “Brewing stainless steel tanks are about MOTOMURA”, but previously, stainless steel was known as unsuitable material for tanks when brewing. However MOTOMURA manufacture has studied stainless steel material, introduced new technologies for processing, welding and cleaning, and at last, developed the tank on the new idea. Further, we produced unique management methods for tools and curing to prevent catching rust during can-making and realized rust-free tanks.




Durability is one of important factors. MOTOMURA manufacture realizes high level of making hardly broken products with early experience in developing stainless steel tanks. As represented by MOTOMURA type jacket, we have avoiding troubles like leakage from a jacket due to metal fatigue based on the MOTOMURA’s unique know-how for strength calculation, structural calculation, welding and so on.



Avoiding collapses

MOTOMURA’s tanks didn’t collapse during the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995 with a magnitude of 6.8 and the maximum shindo (typical Japanese measure) of 7. This is because we achieved highly earthquake resistant and absorbing structure by innovating the construction methods for anchor bolts and installing tanks close together. This continuous efforts for strength improvement will protect not only customers but nearby buildings and human lives or safety. It will lead to security of customer’s damage and trust. These reflects MOTOMURA‘s diligent efforts of safety and security.



Others cannot imitate

Ahead of rivals, MOTOMURA manufacture has developed stainless steel tanks, outdoor tanks, etc. with new concepts of structures and shapes and produced tanks which no one can imitate. We also successively produced and developed high-performance and unique stainless steel products for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), MOTOMURA original Essential oil extract device, school’s swimming pools, etc. We have moved in on new field with cultivated know-how.



The uncompromising craftsmanship

The craftsmen’s skills support MOTOMURA’s high quality, even if mechanization and introduction of IT proceeds. For example, in- depth knowledge of materials and methods and techniques which are difficult to digitalize by machines are indispensable for bending or welding works. In these case, skilled craftsmen’s techniques and sense based on experience are greatly helpful. MOTOMURA’s uncompromising craftsmanship which has been passed since our founding is the core of our quality and supports “MADE BY MOTOMURA”.