Record of past media coverage

April 11th,2019

Published on “Jokai Times” (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages trade publication).


Our exhibit in the largest sake brewer festival of Kyushu called “Jyojima Sakagura-biraki” was introduced by the Jyokai Times. It introduced us as the manufacturer of brewing machines supporting sake brewers and pioneer of distillers and said we had transaction results of over 200 companies .


January 30th, 2018

Broadcast on internet radio, fmGIG “Junko Koyama’s lähelläji”


Recent interviews were broadcast on January 10th and 17th, 2019. We talked about our activities, technologies and thoughts of aroma and the market.

January 11th, 2018

Our technologies were published on 4 industry news papers


Several stainless steel tanks we developed were introduced in Tennensui Okudaisen beech forest factory to produce “’Suntory Okudaisen no Tennensui’: Natural Mineral Water from The Okudaisen” Our technical skills developed over many years and development capabilities have realized higher durability than ever before and weight reduction. Those made a significant cost reduction and extending the service life of tanks possible. The stainless steel materials which this time used was first introduced on food industries. ’’ Published: Japan Metal Bulletin/ Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun/Japan Metal Daily/Nihon Kinzoku Tusin

October 27th, 2017

Interviewed for an internet radio, fmGIG “Junko Koyama’s lähelläji”


Ms. Junko Koyama who is an aroma therapist and operates a radio station visited and interviewed our company. We and our partner, Mirai Aroma, talked about how high quality and performance distillers are important to enhance the value of products when doing branding works of domestic aroma. We distilled yuzu citron from Kikuchi city, Miyazaki prefecture. She realized the difference of atmospheric distillation and vacuum distillation


June 6th, 2016

Our essential oil decompression steam distiller was introduced on the NHK Fukuoka Broadcasting.


Our essential oil decompression steam distiller was introduced on the news and current affairs program “Rokuichi! Fukuoka” starts from6p.m.that broadcast a special TV program on “The new business with Japanese aroma”. It mentioned that this distiller is the high performance device created with technologies, cultivated in the development of distiller device for brewing over the years, and the production process of high quality essential oil from Japanese cypress leaves is the collaboration business with Mirai Aroma


June 14th, 2014

Published on “EX SANKEI EXPRESS (Newspaper)”.


It introduced the history of MOTOMURA Manufacture, the background until our essential oil decompression steam distiller was developed, and the device details. It also mentioned that Mr. Kan MOTOMURA, the president of MOTOMURA Manufacture, who contributes to Sixth industries and aims at the revitalization of agricultural and forestry industries, his passion for this device and current approaches.