Harmony, Belief, Moderation
We have been true to our ‘Harmony, Belief, Moderation’ motto from the tenure of the second-generation president of MOTOMURA Manufacture, Yoshiharu MOTOMURA. Working with harmonious attitude, believing colleagues and customers, and moderation is our company motto. That is still being continued even now.


Corporate Overview
as of April, 2019
Company name MOTOMURA Manufacture Co.,Ltd
Representative CEO KAN MOTOMURA
Capital 48 million
Founded 1922
Established May 1, 1960
Number of Employees 41

The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd. Daizenji branch

The Nishi-nippon City Bank, Ltd. Okawa branch

Location of head office 156-1, Shimoshirakaki, Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 831-0011, Japan

TEL +81-944-87-3025

FAX +81-944-86-5787

Tosu service office

1328-1 Sonezaki, Tosu City, Saga Prefecture Flora HM Ⅱ A Building,841-0025,Japan


TEL・FAX +81-942-50-9811

Business operations
  • Design, development, manufacture, sales, equipments installation. etc below.
  • Many kinds of stainless steel vessels for liquors and foods
  • Microorganism culture tanks, Reaction tanks
  • Single type distillation devices
  • Construction of the plants
Construction Business Permission

General-28 No.35240

  • Machine and Equipment Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Steel Structure Machine and Equipment Installation
  • Steel Structure
  • Class-1pressure vessel manufacturing licensed factory

Gas welding, Arc welding, Stainless steel welding, Non-destructive inspection engineers, Hazardous materials engineers, First-Class Plumbing work operation and management engineers, Second-Class Plumbing work operation and management engineers, Second-class Building operation and management engineers and much more.

Facility Machines

Lathe x 2 / End-mill x 1 / Press brake x 1: 200t x 3500mm /

Shearing x 2: 13t x 3000mm, 6t x 2400mm

Bending roll x 1: 13t x Ø600mm x 3000mm /

Vertical angle bender x 1: 9t x 75mm / Radial drilling machine x 1: 1200mm /

Vertical drilling machine x 1 / Hand saw x 1: Ø400mm / Oil hydraulic press x 2 /

Vibro Shear x2 / Large bending machine x 1/ Compressor x 2 / high pressure washer x 3 /

DC welding machine x 35 / AC welding machine x 26 / MIG welding machine x 6 / automatic welding machine x 1/

union melt welding 2 / Spot welding x 2 / plasma welding and cutting x 2/

Automatic gas cutting machine x 2 / Arc machine (automatic pipe welding) x 1 / Overhead chain hoist x 25: Ø2.8mm


Corporate History


Established MOTOMURA factory Bros. & Co.


Started producing storage tanks for liquor


Changed the company name to MOTOMURA enameled tanks manufacturing Bros. & Co.


Established MOTOMURA Industry Co.


Started producing stainless steel tanks


Established MOTOMURA Manufacture co., Ltd


Started producing large stainless steel tanks for brewing


Produced and sold various brewing plants throughout Japan


Started nationwide sales of decompression steam distiller


Became Class-1pressure vessel manufacturing licensed factory


Started sales of Essential oil decompression steam distiller


Opened Tosu office


Message from the President

Since its foundation by the president-before-last in 1922, we have developed and manufactured containers mainly for brewing while proceeding technological innovation as times change and new product development suitable for the current age in order to respond to customer needs.

We are reaching the 100th anniversary of its founding within a few years. However we will keep developing technology which we have evolved over many years.

Though a wave of new technology such as AI is sweeping across the economic environment around us, we just constantly and steadily improve our technology and deal with this situation.

We will be marking our 100th anniversary and have been honored because of your kind support and patronage. We keep improving ourselves and will still continue to strive to satisfy the demands of our customers.

We look forward to your continued understanding and support.


MOTOMURA Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director Kan Motomura