Made by Motomura

Made by Motomura

Business deals with more than 2000 companies in Japan, Expanding into new fields such as aroma related products.

We have designed and constructed various tanks and plants in a wide range of fields such as major sake brewers, foods, medicine, and bioethanol, etc. As of 2019, we did business with 2,000 companies or more. Essential oil decompression steam distillers, developed by our own technology, have been introduced to customers in new fields, primarily aroma products, in succession in a short period. They deliver outstanding business results and contribute to boost brand recognition and new image of MOTOMURA both in Japan and abroad.

Main supply record
Major beverage company Large storage tank x 48
Major beverage company Large storage tank x 20
Major beverage company Medium-sized mixing tank x 15
Japanese liquor manufacturer Large decompression distillers x 40
Essential oil decompression steam distiller

30L (7US gal lqd)/ 60L(15US gal lqd)/large size

x 30
Produced module for Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency