Made by Motomura Made by Motomura

We develop and manufacture various stainless steel tanks and construct plants with cultivated know-how from producing brewing stainless steel tanks and achievements.



Development and manufacture of tanks and devices

The thorough can making system to realize the manufacturing of high-quality products.

MOTOMURA Manufacture has developed and manufactured large storage, culture, and various special tanks for major sake brewers for years, and achieved many results. In addition, we developed our proprietary devices and equipments such as atmospheric/decompression type distiller, agitator, and decompression steam distiller. They are introduced to many factories. Our tanks are manufactured carefully without compromising by skilled experts in our own fully equipped factory, Class-1pressure vessel manufacturing licensed factory. Welding is done with corrosion resistant process. The tools we use are all SUS made. We use stainless steel such as SUS lining and take every care in quality control to prevent damage and catching rust by thorough curing. Before shipping from our factory, we re-passive a surface film and test products carefully, and then deliver in clean good condition.

Maintenance/remodeling of tank and device

Remodeling for improvements in product performance and changes in customer needs is also supported.

MOTOMURA manufacture’s stainless steel tanks receive high reputation in durability and robustness. However repairs or replacements of consumables, or parts may be needed due to many years of use. We provide supports such as maintenances: agitator renewal, rust-proof reinforcement, jacket installation, and etc. On-site and off-site maintenance are both available. Furthermore, we also handle remodeling as a result of the change of products or manufacturing environment depending on customer needs and functional improvements.

Plant construction

Integrated manufacturing system from design to trial run.

We have the plant engineering technology and use an Integrated manufacturing system to cover the entire process from plant design, and various operations: construction, remodel, instillation, piping, and etc. to trial run as well tank develop and manufacture. Especially, we have special expertise in earthquake resistance that withstands with a magnitude of 6.8 and the shindo (typical Japanese measure) of 7. The robustness was proved during the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995.