The Frequently Asked Questions
Q What kind of products are you providing?
A We provide mainly stainless steel tanks for the industry of food, beverage, cosmetics, medicine, chemistry, and various devices: large storage tanks, fermentation and storage tanks, pressure vessels, distillers, agitators, decompression steam distillers and etc.
Q Can you make stainless steel products except for tanks?
A Yes. We have already provided special custom-made products such as training facilities for astronauts
Q Is there a limit to the size?
A We can manufacture from the compact product about the size of mugs to the large ones that cannot be loaded on a truck. The large size that cannot be loaded on a truck is locally manufactured.
Q Can you manufacture tanks or stainless steel products which shapes are not listed on the website?
A Yes, but it’s depends on your request. Please feel free to contact us.
Q Can you do installation works?
A Yes. We do tanks installation as well as new plants.
Q Can you remodel other manufacturers’ tanks?
A Please feel free to consult us. Depending on details of the remodel, we might refuse your request.
Q Do you recommend the suitable tank?
A We recommend the best products according to usage conditions:(contents, content amount, temperature conditions),environments(outside environment, installation space) in a meeting.
Q How long until it arrives?
A It depends on products, quantities and factory’s situation.
Q Due to installation of a new tank, I want to re-arrange the installation place of the entire factory. Can you deal with this?
A Yes. We play a central role and proceed with partner companies.
Q I have no drawings. Can you prepare them for me?
A We will prepare them, so please don’t worry.
Q What qualifications do workers in your factory have?
A For more details, please check acquired qualifications section in our corporate information.
Q Can you install tanks in Kanto region as well?
A We cover all of Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

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If you have questions about our business or products, please call us or use the contact form.